Allianz and Formula One™

As the world’s leading car insurer, with approximately 50 million motorists insured globally, Allianz is committed to improving road safety. Allianz works with many partners around the world, including Formula One, the FIA and UN, to raise awareness and understanding amongst a worldwide audience fascinated with automotive technology and interested in driving skills.

The partnership between Allianz and Formula One™ is a trusted alliance designed to highlight the importance of risk management and road safety as well as build the Allianz brand globally. The worldwide popularity of Formula One™ and its respected drivers ensure that the Allianz message Road Safety cuts through the clutter of everyday information.

On average 3,000 people die in traffic accidents every day, with ten times that number seriously injured. Heightened awareness for road safety issues means safer driving, which means fewer accidents and finally fewer damages.

In addition to a business relevant interest in reducing accidents and minimizing casualties, Allianz also has the expertise to help make roads safer: Allianz is the only insurer worldwide to have its own road safety research institute. The Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) is based in Munich and specializes in decreasing damage severity as well as reducing damage frequency. Dedicated to improving road and car safety since 1971, the AZT conducts more than one crash test every week of the year.

The main ambition for Allianz in 2014 and beyond is to translate the safety focus on track to public roads. With the commitment to increasing safety, Allianz partners with the recently established FIA “Road Safety Fund” and the UN “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020”. It supports this initiative through its safety related campaigns, especially in Formula One. This step demonstrates Allianz’s determination to use its expertise and relationships to decrease the number of road accidents, injuries and fatalities worldwide - for the well-being of all motorists.

“Performance capacity, teamwork, innovation, dynamism, the constant balancing of risks and the greatest possible safety are decisive for success – not only in the top class of motor racing. These factors, combined with confidence and reliability, are our standards for customer service anywhere in the world”, concludes Allianz CEO Michael Diekmann.

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